Our Story

Burn Butter is a premium instant butter coffee mix known for its bold, unique flavors and revolutionary "on-the-go" packaging concept!

The story of Burn Butter begins in Bellingham, Washington in 2017. Our founders, Brandon, Adam and Clayton set out to produce the best possible butter coffee mix, using only clarified butter from pasture-raised and grass-fed cows, all-natural flavors, and infused MCT and avocado oils. Quite simply, their goal was to produce The World’s Best Butter™, and that’s what they set out to do!

Butter Coffee Instant Mix

Butter Coffee, Simplified

The spark for this idea came when Brandon observed his mother, who was living the Ketogenic lifestyle, struggling to make her daily butter coffee each morning. The process of measuring out ingredients and mixing them was time consuming and messy, and Brandon immediately thought that there had to be a simpler solution out there. Low and behold, there wasn’t much in the way of all-natural butter coffee mixes available on the market. Thus, Burn Butter was born! Since then, we’ve been producing delicious instant butter coffee pouches in several flavors that have simplified the morning coffee routine for Brandon’s mom. And by God, she loved it!

Butter Coffee Flavors

Bringing Convenience & Flavor to the Butter Coffee Experience

Our butter coffee pouches come in multiple popular flavors, including mouthwatering Mocha, heavenly Hazelnut, and no-frills Natural (unsalted). Other flavors are on their way, and limited edition offerings will continue to make appearances in the Burn Butter lineup. Don’t drink coffee? You can also use our butter pouches in tea, smoothies, or straight out of the packet for an instant low-carb energy boost. We know it sounds weird, but it’s really just that good!

Low Carb Coffee

Where can you find Burn Butter?

People always ask us where they can find our butter coffee mixes near them. Depending on where you live, that may or may not be an easy question to answer: we are working hard to ensure that Burn Butter can be found in as many traditional and nontraditional retailers as possible. We’re a young company, but we’re always building new relationships with retailers and distributors who want to stock more keto- and paleo-friendly products. If you are a retailer, you can learn about our wholesale program here.

If you’re craving our butter coffee mix but we’re not currently in any retailers near you, you can always order BurnButter online: we offer 100% Free Shipping to anywhere in the USA! 

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