What does it take to be the World’s Best Butter™?


BurnButter™ is the world's best butter! Whether you are strictly following a Keto Diet, making low carb choices or just want to ensure your butter is healthy, packed full of good nutrients, and, most importantly, tasty, here are a few reasons why you should be using BurnButter as your butter of choice. 

The Benefits of Grass-Fed Butter

For many years in the past, it was believed that all fats were unhealthy. These days, however, it’s a different story - the science is clear that there are actually healthy fats. One of the healthiest fats on the planet can be butter, but the truth is that it largely depends on where that butter comes from.

The short answer is that grass-fed butter is the best possible choice if you love butter but want to be healthy. There are a huge array of healthy nutrients in grass-fed butter that can do wonders for your wellness. Conjugated linoleic acid - or CLA - is brilliant for losing weight, for example, as well as broad range of positive health effects, and grass-fed butter has more than five times the amount of it than cows fed on grain. Grass-fed butter is also packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin K2, and over 400 different fatty acids and plenty of other fat-soluble vitamins.

Infused with Avocado Oil

ButterBurn™ contains Avocado oil, which is a smart choice if you are looking for natural ways to lower your blood pressure - or simply to maintain a healthy blood pressure. It’s packed full of incredibly healthy nutrients, with plenty of good fats, antioxidants and oleic acid, which is brilliant for protecting the health of your heart.

Avocado oil is also excellent for reducing your cholesterol levels, contains Lutein which is amazing for healthy eyes, and it even helps your body absorb nutrients at an enhanced rate. Some evidence even suggests that avocado oil can help reduce the symptoms of many different conditions, including arthritis, gum disease, and helps repair wounds. What more could you want?

Made with High Quality MCT Oil C8

There’s a very good reason why ButterBurn contains Medium Chain Triglycerides - or MCTs. Foods with these fatty acids are easy to digest, which can help you keep your metabolism in good order.

MCTs can also boost your energy, improve your gut health, support hormone creation and balance, and even help people with insulin sensitivity. Throw in antiviral and antibacterial qualities which can make for an improved immune system, and you can see why MCT Oil is one of the key ingredients in BurnButter.

Sweetened with MonkFruit

Ask any nutritionist in the world about their thoughts on the biggest health problem in the country, and the vast majority will tell you that sugar plays a big role. Simply put, sugar these days is added to almost everything, from bread and pasta through to premade soups and almost every single processed food on the market. But there is no sugar in MonkFruit, which is why we use this incredible food in ButterBurn™.

MonkFruit is sweeter than any other sweetener out there, is entirely natural, and packed full antioxidants. It’s great for managing your weight, and good for protecting your body against cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. In short, it’s a superfood beyond belief, and using it instead of sugar can help you reduce overconsumption of sugar from your diet.

No artificial ingredients

As a business, we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our products are 100 percent natural. You won’t find anything artificial in BurnButter™, making it a perfect choice whether you are looking to embrace the Keto lifestyle or simply feel healthier in yourself.

You can expect more fiber, no overly processed ingredients, and, of course, natural foods are typically low calorie.  

Simple packaging for on the go use

All of our products are packaged to be easy to use, including BurnButter™. We appreciate that everyone is leading increasingly busy lives these days, so our convenient BurnButter™ means the Keto lifestyle will be easier to achieve.

All you need to do is take out your serving portion pouch, and put your BurnButter™ in your drink or food - it’s perfect for anyone that is constantly on-the-go.

A fantastic taste


Finally, it’s all well and good producing a super healthy butter, but no one will go near it if it isn’t pleasant to consume. The good news is that BurnButter™ tastes great in coffee, tea, and foods - whatever you put it on.

Why not trade in your old butter brand and give BurnButter™ a try?

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    Would really love some free samples. I have a group of 12 people that we are all doing well with Keto and love to try new products.

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