Perfect Butter Coffee Recipe : Make a Butter Coffee with BurnButter™

the best butter coffee with BurnButter™

Everybody needs a great way to start off the morning, but those following a ketogenic or low carb diet need to be smarter about the way they start theirs. Oats or another carby food source are out of the question if the body is going to continue burning fat at the most optimal rate, so what is the best option? We say, a butter coffee made with BurnButter™!

If you’ve been doing this type of diet for a while, then you’ll know all about the benefits of healthy fats - but do you know how beneficial it can be to mix them with your morning coffee? A butter coffee will energize you and speed up your metabolism for the day ahead. It boosts focus and brain function, and is creamy and pretty sweet too. What more could you ask for in a morning beverage? Black coffee is ok, but butter coffee is going to keep you feeling full and will really give your day the kickstart it needs.

What Is BurnButter™?

BurnButter™ is convenient, on the go, grass fed butter. The packs we offer contain MCT, Avocado Oils and Monk Fruit. They are Keto and Low Carb approved, and contains all natural ingredients. If you’re trying to decide what kind of butter or fat is best for your coffee, we implore you to try BurnButter™ and notice the difference. Putting plain butter in plain coffee just won’t do the trick. A high quality, grass fed butter is imperative to enjoy all of the benefits.

The Benefits Of Butter Coffee

  • A delicious morning drink without artificial flavors and sugars
  •  Simple, natural ingredients
  • Keto and low carb friendly
  • A Revved up metabolism
  • More energy and focus throughout the day
  • Feel fuller for longer
  •  Easy to make-- All you need is a cup of coffee & 1 BurnButter pack!
  •  MCT Oil, Butter and Avocado Oil all in one easy pack

Make A Butter Coffee With BurnButter™ 

Step 1: Brew Your Favorite Coffee Blend

Start by making your favorite coffee as you usually would. Of course we recommend our BurnButter™ coffee blend as we believe it to be the most complementary combo. 

Step 2: Blend in the contents of 1 BurnButter™ Flavored Butter Pack

When you’ve brewed your coffee, grab a BurnButter flavored butter pack and blend for about 10 seconds. This step is super important. Using a frother or blender is recommended for high speed blending, as fast stirring simply won’t get you the same results. You don’t have to have a nutribullet, but a high quality, high speed blender or frother will produce a better butter coffee. If you want a delicious, creamy, frothy fat burning coffee, then you need to take your blending seriously. Just be very careful with the hot liquid as you go about this step!

We prefer to keep our BurnButter™ coffee as natural as possible, but there are some optional add-ins if you fancy something a little different. These include a splash of cream, cinnamon, nutmeg or a sugar free syrup.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Now all that’s left to do is enjoy your delicious BurnButter™ coffee. You can thank us later!

How to make a BurnButter™ Coffee -- the best butter coffee recipe 

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