Keto Transformation - Miles

Back in 2011 Miles was 25 years old and weighed 465 pounds. At the time he was in law school and he suffered from sleep apnea, hyper tension, and was sore all the time. His doctor told him that he needed to lose weight and recommended the DASH diet. The DASH diet was something Miles just couldn't stick with. He then began researching and found "The Keto Diet" (at the time it was just called low carb). He read "Why We Get Fat" by Garry Taubes, jumped into the lifestyle and and lost about 40 pounds in the first few months. Over the next few years he followed a “lazy” keto approach, slowly losing but never relapsing, before buckling down in 2014 and focusing on macros and nutrition. Miles got down to 202 pounds in 2017 and started lifting again heavy causing him to bulk back up to about 220 today. Miles lifts heavy weekly and can squat over 450 pounds! He also hikes (great mountains out here in the Pacific NW) and he is in the best shape of his life at the young age of 32. Miles says his sleep is better, his blood pressure is better, blood lipids and sugars are great; he feels amazing! He even claims that the keto diet helped him become a better cook and has totally changed his life for the better. Check out his before and after photos for major inspo! 

We are so proud of you Miles! 
Here at Burn Butter™ we are fortunate enough to get to talk with our customers about their keto journey. It is our goal to help you reach your goals; by providing you with the convenience of our Burn Butter™ products, but also by motivating you every chance we get and providing you with helpful resources. We love the community we've built around Burn Butter™ and we invite you to participate by submitting your own keto transformations, keto tips and tricks you may have, recipes you love, and resources you find helpful!
Any submissions can be sent to I look forward to hearing from you! 

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